Cents Catalog 2003

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Cents Catalog 2003
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You Are NOT Limited To ANY One Product Line. Catalogs nearly anything!

     You can enter ANY products you want into the database! Even your photos, text files and more...

       New In Version 5.0 Many changes for this version. You can now create and catalog all your files on your computer, and make easy web pages for music, pictures, programs and nearly any other file types easily. You can catalog your inventory for sales products, parts and more. The program is more powerful, yet easy to use!

Cent's Catalog 2004 was designed to make ordering, tracking sales, keeping up with the price changes, out of stock items and so on easy. You can quickly order your products online using it's interface. The database is built within seconds using any downloadable price lists or text files of any type! Whenever there are new lists, simply download them, and push some buttons, and your whole database is up to date! You can search, sort, and categorize the entire catalog in seconds. You can print out reports, new price lists with the up to date information easily and quickly. It allows you to keep track of your sales, your orders. Many companies each day posts an out of stock list on their web site, just download it, and push some buttons and every item is flagged that is out of stock, and can be marked with a date when the product is due in.

You can enter items in one at a time if you want, or use any kind of text file with the information on it, and the program will automatically extract the information quickly and easily into the database. The files can be many formats, like comma delimited, or tab delimited, spaces, or even all on separate lines... Just about any format is readable by the program!

You can even add to the database with pictures or text files that are in a folder, by a simple click of a button, it will add every file in the folder you choose to the database... The program features are more than a web page can describe!

The program features a built in web browser, that can be linked directly to any suppliers web sites... You can order on line if they have that available to you easily and quickly with this program.

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